Delhi Capitals

Why IPL 2020 season is so special for Delhi Capitals?

Delhi Capitals are facing Mumbai Indians on the final of IPL 2020 on 11 November 2020, Tuesday at 7:45 PM NST. If Mumbai Indians won this final, it would be 5 IPL trophies for them and if Delhi somehow manages to win, it would be first IPL trophy for them on the maiden final appearance.

Over 13 editions of IPL, Delhi was considered one the weakest team. Despite many of the world-class player having played for them, Delhi always lacked proper strategy and team combination. Having gone through renaming the team from Daredevils to Capitals in 2019 and being able to get through the final of the competition for the first time, it’s definitely the historic feat for them. It’s a huge leap forward for Delhi Capitals and it would not change much in case they lose the final against Mumbai Indians. Ensuring their place in the final itself would be a huge win for them.

The right team combination and proper strategy by Team management and especially from Coach Ricky Pointing could be the major determinator in recent success for Delhi Team. Having finished 2nd in the points table, they have lost 3 games against Mumbai Indians. 2 in the group stage and 1 in the first qualifier game.

However, it is hoped that Delhi would learn from its mistakes and they would be a very hard campaigner for experienced Mumbai team which has the habit of winning the finals.

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