How to Watch IPL 2020 in Nepal, After Clean Feed Policy?

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Nepal Government has implemented a clean feed policy from October 8, 2020. This policy would block all the foreign advertisements with clean feed. After this policy being called upon action, broadcasting of almost 180 channels would stop immediately. As foreign advertisements are irrelevant in the Nepali context, this policy is being implemented which has many advantages. But the downside, for now, is the trouble to watch Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 on your TV in Nepal. In this post, I am focused on the methods to Watch IPL Cricket live in Nepal.

As Cable TV providers have removed all the TV channels which are not compatible with clean feed, Star TV channels; which include Star Sports have stopped in Nepal. Star Sports is the official broadcaster of tournaments like PL, IPL, etc. Now, Nepali sports lovers would not be able to access those TV channels. Click here to learn more about the clean feed.

This policy would surely hurt cricket lovers who tune into their TV every day to watch and support their favorite teams and players. The people are also supporting this decision of government despite their inability to watch their favorite shows and matches.

Despite not being able to watch IPL on Television, there are many ways you could watch them on laptops, PCs, and mobile phones. If you are in India, Click here to know how you could watch IPL online. Nepali viewers could also use that method if you use a VPN and change country to India.

IPL Watch Online in Nepal: Official Medium

Here is the method to watch IPL matches live in Nepal through official streaming.

  • Disney+Hotstar is the official online streaming platform for IPL 2020. However, this application could not be found in the Play Store outside of India. So, you need to download a VPN application first and change the location to India.
  • After you changed your location to India, install the application. After you have installed it, you could sign up and choose the best subscription for you.
  • Disney+Hotstar has offered a plan of Rs. 399 INR with one-year validity. Under this subscription plans, user can access the IPL alongside Hotstar shows, Bollywood movies as well as Hollywood movies.
  • Disney+Hotstar is providing a VIP subscription price of Rs. 365 INR as a promotional offer. However, this offer is applicable to only customers who pay through credit card.
  • You can seek support from any of your Indian friends or people living in India for this payment

If you do not want any kind of subscription to watch IPL 2020 then you could consider the option below:

IPL Watch Online: Unofficial Medium

There are plenty of such mediums where you don’t have to spend even a penny to Watch IPL in Nepal. Although it’s not an appropriate way to watch IPL through these kinds of mediums but looking at the current situation of clean feed, we are left with no options.

IPL watch online: There are many web portals through which you could watch IPL online. Some of them are down due to copyright issues with BCCI but some of them still work.

One of them is You can watch IPL 2020 for free and without any advertisement and interruption. You can even choose quality from Low Medium and High according to your internet speed and personal preferences.

IPL Watch Online

You can watch other series as well after the conclusion of IPL. Although I don’t recommend this option above the subscription plans, this is a suitable option for those who could not pay for the subscription.

Let’s hope clean feed would bring a positive impact on business and startups in the country as it is highly aimed to promote Nepali products. I believe this unavailability of Popular sports channels like Star Sports is momentary and will resume soon. On the meanwhile, let no sports fan be left out to watch IPL in Nepal, due to the block of some foreign TV Channels.


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